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New story, off White or Black Wings. April 10, 2008

Posted by Ruth Minamino in Story.

I am writing a new story. It is the story of Karin’s Parents, of how they got together and stuff. If you have read White or Black Wings: The Complete Story, You will know that Karin’s story, of how she and Vincent got together, but her parents were left a mystery of how they meet and stuff. So I am writing their own. It will be in third pov, not first pov like the others, and will be in one volume, I think. Right now, I have one and half chapters done, and a prologue written so far. I have no idea on how many chapters there will be, but it will be in one complete volume. I am typing the story as I think of what is happening and stuff. I can’t really explain on how my mind goes, but, I am writing it, and might have it done in about three to four weeks, estimate anyway. Who knows when I will have it done, it could be a week from now. Here’s the title:

White or Black Wings Special Story: Satan’s in Love?!

My other ongoing stories, are going slowly, since I am writing this new one, but I am working on them! Please look forward to the new story and the others! Thank you!

ALSO! White or Black Wings: Complete Story has been updated with a better version, spelling is better, but grammar is so-so. Anyway, it is ready to be downloaded! Thanks!



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