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On a short Hiatus (3-4weeks Maybe.) May 4, 2008

Posted by Ruth Minamino in Life.

Yeah, I’m sorry, but I will be on a break for a while. Reason, I have to care for my cat, Yellow. He was injured by a dog, last week sometime, his hind leg. I think it was a dog, that’s what the vet said. The skin has to heal, and it’s not for the weak stomach. He stayed at the vets last weekend, and came home Monday, and I have been taking care of him since. Until he is better, eating on his own, I will not be updating until then. Don’t worry, I am not stopping, writing. I will go back to writing as soon as Yellow heals, and is eating on his own. Right now he is not eating and I have to force feed him. Cause he needs food, for strength and to heal. He lost a lot of blood, I think, and was dehydrated, when I took him to the vet. I have to give him meds for infections, and for the healing process, so he can grow new skin over his leg. Almost, all his skin around his leg is gone, maybe an 2-3 inch left on his leg. Not pretty. I’m so sad and depressed. Yellow is a wonderful cat. He’s sweet. Beautiful. I want him back to himself again. Which is Bossy, Picky, and a big baby.



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