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My Fanart and Original Art change June 21, 2008

Posted by Ruth Minamino in Fanfic, Life.

Hi, I hope there are some people still interested in my stories and stuff. I haven’t had anyone by here in the past days. 😦

Well, If you notice, my art, and fanart are gone. They have magically disappeared?! >:O

No, relax, you can find my art and fanart here–>My art here!!
PLease go there and comment or register even. you can post your own art or favs others, watch/friend others, even buy prints.. I would if I have lost o mulla. $$

AS a Surpise here, I am thinking of post my fanfic here. YYH, Inuyasha, crossovers, whatever. I have alot of ideals goin on in my peabrain. I reall need to work on my stories and I will. This site will be for my stories and this will include fanfic. Just art fanart will be at my Deviantart site.
Hope to see you there.
Ruth Minamino



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