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New fanfic Chapters coming?, Comments, etc July 12, 2008

Posted by Ruth Minamino in Fanfic, Life, Story.

I would like to know if anyone is reading or have read the chapters of the fanfic, Kitsune’s or InuYoukai’s Love?. There are 7 chapters already up, I posted Chapter 7 today, but I have more, and I am writing more chapters of the fanfic. I like some comments on it, at its page. It is password free. I will post more chapters when I get more comments. That goes for my stories as well.

Right, now, I’m slowly writing my original ongoing stories. Love of Bloodsuckers, will take the back seat, while I catch up the volumes twos of the other stories, and the new story, Satan’s in love is going slowly as well. Should I post the chapters instead of the volumes? I would like your comments on that. I could post the chapters, and when I have it all done, put it into volumes for download. I’ll think about that. I like to know your ideals as well so COMMENT!! >.<


I think I will redo the site. So, if you go to a page and it’s mess up, give a little time and come back later. I’m working on it.

I have moved Satan’s in Love? to Ongoing Original Stories from Complete, since it’s not complete yet.


How to access my Original Stories?
If you are those who are from Deviantart.com, and want to read my original stories, you must note me for passwords of the stories you want to read, must be register there.

If you are register here, I’m not sure how that works. ~_~ (Email me I guess.)

If you are here from one of the forums I am on, PM me at those forums. I’m on many. -_-‘ under rmr34, or RuthLovesKurama.
If you have a myspace, click on the link on the side and go to mine, and request to be my friend then message me.

Also, if you want to be updated when I post new volumes/chapters, or anything else, subscribe on the side.




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