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New thought of a new story or fanfic (update!) August 30, 2008

Posted by Ruth Minamino in Fanfic, Story.

I’ve been brainstorming, about my stories and fanfic. And I thought of doing an Alice in Wonderland theme for a story or Fanfic. If I do a story, I’ll have to think hard about it. But I was thinking of Fanfic. How about a Alice in Wonderland, but with Yu Yu Hakusho characters and an OC as Alice (But won’t be named Alice, but Rusu or Ruri). But, the characters, how can I match them?

Alice= Rusu
Mad hatter= Kurama? (He’ll look cute with the mad hatters hat! XDDD)
White Rabbit= Hiei! (Hahahahahaha! Imagine him with white bunny ears! CAn you? I’ll shut up now, he’s glaring at me. xo)
Cheshire Cat= (More like Cheshire Kitsune?) Youko Kurama!!! (OFcourse! XDDDDDD)
Tweedle dee= Yusuke?
Tweedle dum= Kuwabara? (Well, dum is correct, ne?)
Smoking Caterpillar= Shuzu (Kuwabara’s sister! xD lol She is the first one that pop in my mind when I thought of that Caterpiller. Plus she is a smoker.)
Queen of Hearts= Karasu? (Of course he’ll be after me, saying off with my head, or aiming his bombs at me!. XI.. I still not sure about this one!)
King of Hearts= I don’t know!

Who else?

Maybe I’ll write a original story first, who knows?
If you have any ideas on the characters of Yu Yu Hakusho as Alice in wonderland characters. comment!



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