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Import Poll. Must have votes! (update #4!) September 2, 2008

Posted by Ruth Minamino in Story.

I’ve been working on my newest story, Fallin’ Angels. But, I need to know which name for the rival band should I use? Both are great names. I can’t decide yet. So, Until I get a good amount of votes. I won’t be releasing chapters of Fallin’ Angels. Just the Prologue is only posted. I’ve gotten Chapter one done, but I need one of the names for the rival band, soon. You can join my forum and vote, or you can vote below. either way, I need votes! Or you’ll be waiting a long time for chapters, cause I can’t decide yet! And I need the name pronto, cause there is mention in chapter one of the rival band name but it’s ______. I need a name!

Votes result so far! (Combined from here, Forum, & deviantart!) My vote is not counted..
4- Legions Fury
3- Tyrants of Fury

Legions Fury is ahead!. x3 Oh, Tyrants of Fury is gaining some steam!
Vote for the one you like best! I’m undecided, I like both! ><

Deadline for the poll is Thursday! Until then vote. I will take it down Thursday and debate in my mind which one I will use. Look forward for Chapter 1 This Friday!



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