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Stories taking down for now! (Update 2) January 22, 2009

Posted by Ruth Minamino in Fanfic, Life, Story, Uncategorized.

Ok, so no one comments here, so I’ll just take down my stories here, for online reading, the downloads stay, but you need a password for that. So if you wanna read my stories online, go to the following sites:

This goes for fanfic also! So if you click on chapter pages you will get a error page!


http://www.paperdemon.com/profile/4649 <–Most stories are at the red curtain section, so you’ll have to resigter.

http://rmr34.storm-artists.net/ <–Only LoB volume 1 is there for now.

Mangabullet? http://rmr34.mangabullet.com Stories not up yet, but I may put them there later.

So, Paper demonis the only one who has my stories. Fictionpress has onlyone or two chapters I think, but I lost my password to it. So yeah, Paperdemon. I took down my writings on DA cause of issue that need to be fixed, though I doubt they will.

That tis all…..

Update: I have deleted my video page and videos. I may or maynot put them back up, but I have deleted my vids from youtube, for now.

Don’t worry. My stories wil stay here for online reading (For now), but I have moved my stories from rmr34 on DA to another DA account that is for writings only. http://ruth-minamino.deviantart.com <– That ‘s where my stories are now. I’m still moving some chapters though. I will update it whenever I feel like it, since, I have writers block right now. -_-‘ Anyway, please visit it, and my other DA account. I mostly stay on DA anyway. Lucky I still know the password and username here. hahaha. But seriously, if you read my stories, at all, please visit it there also.

Please leave comments here and/or there. I have no idea if you like it or not, or anything if no one comments. If no one does, I will put this site on hiatus, and take everything down, and only DA &/or Paperdemon . So please at least let me know if anyone read anything here.

Thank you. Ruth Minamino



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