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Kitsune’s or Inu-Youkai’s Love?

Hello, this is the first Fanfic I am writing that I am sharing. This was mostly for me to read and enjoy but I want to share. So, There will be two versions of this one, one for all to read, and one for me to read. I am making my own OC character. She is Kagome’s friend in school, and Kagome is trying to match make her. The OC name is…. Ruusu Robbinzu (I made up this name, cause I usually use my name but I’ll use this Japanese one I made up, well it’s closely sounds like my name doesn’t it?^^. Anyway, Ruusu is a regular human.
This is a crossover, which will include some of the characters from both Inuyasha and Yu Yu Hakusho. I’m trying to make this fanfic a good one. I’ll let you be the judge.

Another note, this will have both 1st Person and 3rd Person Point of View!

Who will she fall for? Inuyasha? Kurama? Sesshomaru? Hiei? or Naraku?! o_O. What the hell will happen to her when she goes back to the feudal era? Will the hero save her? Can he? Who is the hero?

Rated: Older teen, for foul language and adult situations. 15+

1st POV & 3rd Pov
Romance, action, adventure

Chapter one: (1st Pov)

Chapter two: He likes me? (1st Pov)

Chapter Three: Where did she go? (3rd Pov)

Chapter Four: Who are you? Where am I? (1st Pov)

Chapter Five: I have to find her! She’s with Him! (3rd Pov)

Chapter Six: You’re a Demon? (1st POV)

Chapter Seven: What is wrong with him? (3rd POV)

Chapter Eight: Why are you here? (1st POV)

Chapter Nine: He Took Her Back?! (3rd POV)

Download: Chapters 1-9Kitsune’s or Inuyoukai’s Love Volume 1(PDF)

Chapter 10: Back to the Feudal Era! (1st POV) Coming Soon!!

Chapter 11: ???????


Please comment. No insults, or harsh comments. Spelling and grammar sill not be perfect.

Please let me know if I misspelled, or anything else that will help me out.




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