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The Mission (YYH Fanfic)

Title: The Mission (Temporary, maybe.)
Rating: Older Teen- Mature
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Action, Gender Bender (Yes, gender bender, I seem to like writing them now. XD)
POV: 3rd

Original Characters:
Ruusu Robinzu (yes, I used the same name, so you’ll have to get over it!)
Dominic (My great, *clears thoat* I mean Ruusu’s great times 3, I think, Grandfather, and he’s a demon! More info on him coming soon!)
The YYH gang has a new mission, and that mission is to protect Ruusu from demons. She is just a regular human, or seems to be, but is targeted by demons. Long ago, her great, great, great grandmother had an affair with a demon, Dominic who was part of a demon race, that was all males. Now, those demon kin are after her, the only female of the demon kin to be born, full demon or otherwise. And one of the Yu Yu member must disguise himself, and become her roommate in an all female college! (I’m not telling who either. Well, it’s a no brainer really.)
What will happen?
More info coming soon, (As soon as I think of more! xs)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Yu Yu Hakusho (c) Yoshihiro Togashi



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