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Fallin’ Angels

Title: Fallin’ Angels
Genre: Romance, Gender bender, Good Vs. Evil?, Angel?
Rating: OT
Volume Length: TBA
POV: 1st
Summery: I knew it wasn’t possible, but I had to be near him! I, Tawny Johnson, became Tommy Johnson, the to-be drummer of the hottest band alive, Fallin’ Angels. How do I do that, you may be wondering? Given, that I barely knew how to play the drums. Well, you see, Fallin’ Angels, is an all male band, with four of the hottest men alive, and I have falling in love with the lead singer, Alexis. The former drummer had to leave of a mysterious reason unknown, and I found out that they have to find a replacement, so here I am in line, and dressed as a man. Will I succeed? Or will they find out that I’m not what I seem?

Volume 1: In works

Volume 2: ????

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Fallin’ Angels (c) Ruth Minamino



1. lilinno - August 24, 2008

I’m liking the prologue so far. Keep it up. XD

I wonder how Tawny’ll fare. *thumbs up*

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