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Looks are Deceiving

Title: Looks are Deceiving
Genre: Romance, Gender Bender
Rating: Older Teen-Mature TBA
Volume length: N/A
POV: 3rd
Summery: New college student, Renee Eichiru, thought her dorm life at the high society all-girl dorm would go easy and carefree, until she meets her roommate, Reiichi Makoto. At first, Reiichi was friendly, and beautiful girl, until that night, Reiichi became almost lecherous toward Renee, causing her to wonder about her roommate. After that, Renee was beginning to fall for Reiichi’s seductions! Until, a hot guy, introduce himself to her, and they started dating. And Reiichi wasn’t having any of that and began to interfere with their dates, until Renee confront Reiichi, and Reiichi kissed her! Renee also learn a big secret…. Renee soon learns looks are deceiving!

Volume 1: In works

Volume 2: ????

Character Info

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<-Coming Soon!





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