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Love of Bloodsuckers

Love of Bloodsuckers


Rating: Mature 17+

Here’s a little bite of Chapter 1!

Chapter 1

It was getting dark when I was walking home, that night. I was going home after work. I always feel awkward walking at night, alone. Oh, please don’t let a pervert stalk me or rape me, I thought walking down a dark street. Only a few street lights, and the full moon lighted the way. My name is Nami Yasuki. I go to college and work part time after classes.

When I go home at night, to my one room apartment, I pass a big mansion on the other side of the road. It’s kind of odd. It’s been there, for a long time I guess. It has been abandoned for years, I was told by my landlady. I stopped and looked at it. Usually no one lived there, but lights were on.

“Candle lights?” I said, looking at the mansion. It looks eerie at night, and eerie in the daytime also. Did someone move in?, I thought. I saw some shadows move inside. I counted, 1, 2, and 3 shadows. So, someone did move in. I wonder if I’ll meet them, in the morning?

Volume 1: Complete.

Volume 2: Complete

Volume 3: Complete

Volume 4: In progress of thinking of more ideas! Writing!



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Love of Bloodsuckers – Version Two!


Download: *Volumes 1-3
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Love of Bloodsuckers (c) Ruth Minamino
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1. lilinno - July 16, 2008

I’m a sucker for these kinda stories!


2. Kira-kun - August 8, 2008

the idea i had was when she goes over to rafe’s they talk 4 a bit, but when it comes time to sleep with him lin will rescue her just b4 all of her clothes were removed. after a tussle lin will be a little angry at her and questions her on why she went. she’ll reply that she was goin to do it o him so rafe would leave him alone.

3. Ruth Minamino - August 8, 2008

@Kira-kun: I was thinking along the lines of something like that. We’ll see. ^-^

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