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Love of Bloodsuckers Character Intros

Love of Bloodsuckers Characters (Will be updated)

Intros on Characters:

Nami Yasuki: She’s telling the story. What she looks like, you can imagine her looks, but if you like to know, she has light brown/dark blond hair just pass her shoulders, green eyes, and is about five foot 2-1/2 inches.

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Lin: He’s, well, the hero? Has an interest in Nami. Only out at night. He has long black hair almost to his waist, blue eyes, and pale. Over 6foot tall.

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Ken: He’s a friend of Lin. He has shoulder length brown hair, and brown eyes. He watches the house in the day time. He’s 6foot, shorter than Lin.

Photo: COming Soon!

Mori: A friend/rivel of Lin’s. Very, uh, well, he’s just a playboy. Long silver hair pass his waist, slightly wavy, green eyes, and as tall as Lin.

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Mrs. Hewitt: The old landlady of the apartment where Nami lives. Always persusing Nami to marry and give up on college, prefrebly her grandson Ted.

No photo ever coming!

Ted Hewitt: The landlady’s grandson. Annoying, pervert, and stalker. I won’t waste my time on describing him, here.

NO photo ever coming!

Rafe: ???? Who is this? He appears in Chapter 8.

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Gene: ???? HE appears in Chapter 8

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Lin’s Mother: She appears in Chapter 15.

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Arimi: Will she make an appearance? What does she look like? I’ll find out whenever I start writing volume 4!

Characters will be updated

Love of Bloodsuckers, story, Character (c) Ruth Minamino

I encorage fanart, but I will not tolerate Stealing!



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