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Lover of Atlantis Character Info

Lover of Atlantis Character Info

Kaoru Wells
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Description: Light brown hair just below her shoulders, with slightly long bangs pass her nose. Brown/Hazel eyes. 5ft 2in. Shy, nice. She is telling the story.

Katie (Kat)
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Description: Dark Blonde hair, long, but keeps it up all the time in a bun, with some strands of her bangs out. Blue eyes. 5ft 5in. Outgoing, fun loving, but will kick your butt if you mess with her and Kaoru.

Age: 24???
Sex: Male
Description: Long wavy blonde hair to the middle of his back, with long bangs. Blue ocean eyes, swirls. 6 ft 6in. His skin is lightly tanned. He’s a mystery. Seems to be a playboy type.

Age: same as Gage
Sex: Male
Description: Long wavy dark blonde hair, to his shoulders. Dark blue eyes. 6ft 6in. He’s Gage’s twin brother. A little darker tanned than Gage. Sometimes he’s a bit of stupid.

Angelique (Angel)
Age: 20???
Sex: Female
Description: Long blonde hair to her waist, with Bangs. Her eyes are exactly like Gage’s, Blue Ocean eyes, swirls. 5ft 9in. Looks like an Angel, but is Mischievous natured! Gage’s & Gareth’s sister.

Ari & Avi
Age: 17????
Sex: Both males
Description: Both: Long reddish blonde hair to their shoulders, and green eyes. 5ft10in. Twins, that act like twins does.

Elisa (Elime)
Age: 23????
Sex: Female?
Description: Long white, silvery, curly hair just below her waist. Yellow eyes. 6ft. Beautiful model type. Acts like one too. Basically she is a bitch.

King Trinten
Age: ???? Unknown
Sex: Male
Description: Father of Gage. Exactly looks like Gage, or Gage looks exactly like him. But, he has sliver stands in his hair. Same height as Gage & Gareth. Rumored to be a meany.

Age: ???? Unknown
Sex: Female
Description: Mother of Gage, and wife of King Trinten. Exactly looks like Angel. But, has sliver strands in her hair. Same height as Angel. As they say like mother like daughter!



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