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No title Story

Title: TBA
Genre: Horror?, Romance?, Ghost?, Cult?
Rating: Older Teen
POV: 1st

Read Online:
No chapters at the moment!
More info to come!

This is somewhat from a dream I had. D: Oh my gosh I’m becoming a Stephen King Novelist! XD

Here’s a bit of the 1st paragraph from the prologue:

‘This is a dream! No a nightmare!!’ I thought as I ran through the night. They were chasing me. I didn’t know who they were, but they were chasing after me. Wanting me, for something. “Get her!” A angry male voice yelled into the night. I looked back and saw flashlights getting closer. “No!” I said, and ran faster closer to the woods. I was almost there until I was hit and tumble to the ground by a man. “I got her master!” The man yelled, holding me down with my arms cross behind my back. I spit out dirt, and looked back. A man, and several others were walking toward me. “Good job, David.” The leader said. I couldn’t see his face it was so dark, and the flashlights were blinding me. “You shouldn’t run, it makes us want you even more for our cause.” The unknown man said with glee.

More info, on characters, and so on to come soon!



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