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Nothing, But Trouble!!

Title: Nothing, But Trouble!!

Rating: 16+ Mature situations!

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy

POV: 1st or 3rd


I don’t believe in fairy tales, and defiantly not Faeries. So why is a Fairy Prince insisting I become his wife? And why is other faeries coming after me? I know cause of that stupid fairy prince! Sure he is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen, but he’s nothing but trouble!

Character info:

Regina- Heroine-The poor woman who has nothing but trouble since he came into her life.
Age: 25
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Hazel

Sedana- Fairy Prince- He is the reason of her troubles.
Age: Unknown
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Gold

Kelandra- Fairy Warrior
Age; Unknown
Hair: Golden Brown
Eyes: Golden

The Fairy King
Age: Unknown
Hair: black
Eyes: Black

The Fairy Queen
Age: Unknown
Hair: Golden Blonde
Eyes: Green

Will be updated when new characters come into the story….
Nothing But Trouble (C) Ruth Minamino

READ ONLINE HERE <–down until further notice!
Nothing But Trouble on DA
NBT on Fictionpress

More info coming soon!!



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