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Watcher of the Woods

Watcher of the Woods

Genre: Romance/Supernatural

Rating: Teen/older teen 13+

Here’s a tease from chapter 1!

Chapter 1: The Watcher

It happen three days ago, I was on my way to school, and I was late. So I took a trail through the woods, that was closer to school, but was off limits for anyone to enter. There was this story about how girls that walked into the woods was never saw again. Some say, when they were passing by the woods, they saw a figure of a man, that had ears and tails, and when they looked back the figure was gone.

Yeah right, I thought as I walked into the woods. Those people that said that were drunker than skunks, they were going home from a bar at dusk. No one really believes a drunk. But the woods was off limits, but due to cause of wild animals.

The woods were pretty, though. I stopped by a tree. The tree was huge, the trunk of it was almost bigger than a house. I looked up at the tree. Sun shine illuminated the woods some. It was peaceful and tranquil. Unlike the city or the ‘burbs. Cars, sirens, and other human made sounds were gone. Nothing but birds singing, crickets, and the occasional squirrel barking up a tree somewhere.

‘Maybe I should skip school today?’ I thought chuckling as I sat by the tree. There was a slight wind blowing that felt good. No one was there to bother me, not even the bully at school.

The bully at school was Betty Sweeten. She’s one of those popular girls who think they are better than you, and can walk all over you. She can get any guy she wants, and have taken a few boyfriends from some of my friends. She cause’s trouble for anyone who gets in her way, and sometimes just for the fun of it. Recently she’s been bulling me for some reason. One day before gym class, one of the popular cute guys asked for a pencil, so I gave him one of mine. After that Betty has been bulling me.

Volume 1: Complete.

Volume 2: Inprogress!!

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Volume 2

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Watcher of the Woods (c) Ruth Minamino

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