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Watcher of the Woods Character info

Watcher of the Woods Character Info

Asami Wells
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Description: Dark Brown hair almost to her shoulders. Brown eyes. 5ft 4in.

Age: ???? Unknown, looks 20
Sex: Male
Species: Kitsune (Fox Spirit, Fox Demon)
Description: White hair, long pass his waist. Slender Green eyes. 6ft 2in. White Fox ears, and 4 tails. Inhumanly Beautiful.

Betty Sweeten

Age: 17
Sex: Female
Description: Curly light brown hair down to her shoulders, and blue eyes. 5ft 6 in.

Robbie Van
Age 17
Sex: Male
Description: Shaggy like brown hair, blue eyes. 5ft 9in. Jock type.



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