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Satan’s in Love Chapter 2-3 – Online Read

Chapter two


“Master!” Vincent bowed as Satan appeared by the thrown. “Vincent.” Satan said, adjusting his robes. “How was your outing to the mortal‘s realm?” Vincent asked. Satan cocked a black brow, “How did you know I was in the mortal realm?”. Vincent bowed his head, and his eyes shut, “Sorry master! I know it is none of my business where you go and all, but-” Satan chuckles stopping Vincent from talking.

“Easy Vincent. I am not angry at you. I was just teaching a couple of mortals a lesson.”. Vincent blinks, “Master? I do not understand. You’re Satan.”. Satan sat on his thrown, crossing his legs, and said “I am.”. Vincent continues, “You’re suppose to encourage evil things…. Right?”.

Satan slightly smiles, then said “That is expected for Satan to do, yes. But, there is really no need to encourage mortals to do anything. They already do evil things, even without any encouragement from me. That’s what father said, before he appointed me as the next Satan. So all I do is just relax and watch the mortals blame me for their own actions, when they are so afraid to take the blame on themselves.”

Vincent looks down, and says, “I’m sorry Master.”. Satan, glances at him, “What are you sorry for, Vincent? You have no control over mortals. Only mortals have their own control. Even I don’t control their actions. The last Satan, my father, said all I have to do was just watch, and the mortals will condemn themselves into Hell. Blame Satan, for their evil doings, instead of admitting it was their own doings, is what they will do. And for two hundreds years now, I have heard it and seen all of it. Everyday, there are thousands of mortal’s souls condemned to live in hell for all eternity.”

Satan sighs, tiredly, then yawns, covering his hand with his long finger nailed hand. Vincent looked up and asked, “Master, should I prepare you a bloodbath, or make your bed ready?”. Satan, sighs, comb his long hair back from his face, and said, “Thank you Vincent. I would like both.”. Vincent bows, “Yes, Master. I will have both ready shortly.” Satan nods, and Vincent disappeared to do his chore.

Satan waved his hand and the mirror floated up, “Show me.” He commanded the mirror. The mirror, black, turned and showed Kathy, preparing for bed. Satan, gave a sly sleepy smile as she undresses.

Kathy pull on her long sleeping gown, and yawned. What a day, she thought, as she got in her cozy bed. The only time she goes to a bank, and it’s the one to get robbed. And she just had to be the one in the way. She sighed, and cuddled her pillow.

The face of the unknown handsome guy was all she saw under her eye lids. She groans, and laid on her back, “Who was he, anyway?”. And how can I be infatuate with a man I just met, and don’t even know him at all, not even his name, she thought, putting her arm over her eyes.

Satan, chuckles hearing her thoughts before she fell asleep. He waved his hand and the mirror disappear, as Vincent appear. “Master your bath and bed are ready.”. “Thank you Vincent.” Satan stands, and his robes disappears, leaving him bare. Vincent, kept his eyes avert, as he bowed as Satan went by. Satan chuckles, and asks, “Vincent have you ever been in love?”. Vincent, blinks, looking at him, “Love, Master?!”.

Satan chuckles, shaking his head, “Never mind Vincent. You are dismiss.”. Vincent bowed, “Yes Master.” as Satan leaves. Vincent, raised and thought of his master question. “Have you ever been in love?” Vincent repeated, then looked at where his master went. “Love?” Vincent blushes, “Satan in love?!”.

Vincent blinks, then greens a little, “C-Could it be me?! Oh no. I-I’m too young for the master!” Vincent swallows, “Plus, I don’t know if I can love anyone! What should I do!?” Vincent clench his shirt and eyes, as he thinks of the torture Satan will do to him if he refuses. “Master… Forgive me.”


Satan relaxes in his bath. Why did I ask that? He thought, lifting his hand up, and letting the blood slip through his fingers. “I am the King of Hell.” He chuckles, “I can’t love anyone, and definitely not her..” He closes his eyes and went into her dreams.

Kathy turns in her sleep. Her dream turned from a nightmare of the robbers to a sensual one of the unknown man that saved her. “Who are you?” She asked, as he caresses her cheek. He chuckles, a smirk playing on his lips, “Who do you want me to be?”. His finger tip crazed her bottom lip, “I-I don’t know. Who are you? What is your name? I didn’t have the chance to thank you.”

The man smiles, then bends down close to her lips, and said, “We will meet again, and you can thank me more than this when we do.”. She didn’t get it until he grabbed her to him and was kissing her. Kathy came awake in an instant, her heart beating franticly in her chest, and she was breathing heavily, sweating. “I need a cold shower!”


Satan chuckles, as he opens his eyes, still in his blood bath, “Kathy, you and I will meet again.” Then he lost his smile, and thought “No one must know, not Vincent, and definitely not Brother. He has been mad at me since I was appointed Satan two hundred years ago.”. Satan sighs, closing his eyes. His brother wanted to be the next to be the King of Hell, but father appointed him instead of his brother, Warren. Warren was not happy about the decision.

Satan stood, and let the blood drip down his body before he stepped out, and his robe appear on his body. He closes his eyes and traced the robe down to his chest where his heart should be at. Does a demon suppose to have a heart? Should a demon feel love? He did have a heart, and it was beating. “Love, huh?” Satan asked, with his hand over his beating heart.

Chapter 3

“ Kathy, you’re not getting any younger! It’s time you find a man and settle down.”

Kathy yawned as her mother lecture her on her relationships, which were almost nonexistent lately. Plus she hasn’t had any good night sleep since a few night ago. All she dreamed about is the unknown man who saved her. The dreams always turn sensual, before she wakes up in a sweat and needing a cold shower. She glanced at her mother who was still pacing and talking about husbands.

“I want you to meet someone.” She caught. Kathy jumped up and said, “No, mother. Don’t set me up with anyone, okay? I’ll find my own man, when I am ready.”. Mother, hands on hips, “Have you already got a man in mind, Kat?”. Kathy sat down and said, “Well, kind of. Remember what I told you about the man who saved me at he bank?”. Her mother nods, and sits beside her, “Yes, dear. Are you and him dating?”.

Kathy nods no, “No. It’s just, I haven’t seen him since that day at the bank, and no one knows of such a man. I even did a search on the internet, with all the information I have. Which I only know what he looks like, and not even one man came up with his looks.” Kathy shakes her head, and said, “Mom, I think I am in love with a man I am not suppose to be.”.

“What do you mean?” Mother asked. Kathy sighs, and sat back on the couch, than said, “I don’t know. We have not seen each other or even talked since then.” Except in those dreams I have, she thought. Her mother coughs. Kathy sat up alert, “Mother, you alright? Do you need your meds?”. Her mother nods no, “No. I’m fine, Kat. You know all the medicine I take don’t do any good. I don’t know how long I have left to live, Kat. That’s why-”.

“No, mom. You’ll live for a long time.” Kathy interrupted, her voice trembling. Her mother pats her hand, and said, “You know after your father died, my health as been going down. It won’t be long till I am with him again. And I want you to have what your father and I had.”. Kathy nodded, wiping her tears away with her free hand, said, “I know, Mom. I do want a marriage like yours and dad’s. It’s just, the man I want is no where to be found.”


Satan taps his nails on the armrest of his thrown, as he listen to the discusses of the latest arrivals of the condemned souls. Murder, rape, you name it, the five souls did it. The five souls were huddle together like frighten children. They were grown men when alive and hurting innocents, but now when it is too late, they are bubbling like babies. Cowards now aren’t you? Satan thought, as he smirked at one. The Soul, jumped and cowered back behind another one. Pathetic, Satan thought.

Satan’s thoughts turned to Kathy. He has been so busy in Hell lately to visit her on Earth. He sighed inside, as a demon flaps his jaws, reading off the Sins the five souls did while they were on earth. He heard it all, in his two hundred years as the King of Hell. It is getting old, he thought. The only free time he has had wasn’t enough to go to earth, but just enough to visit Kathy in her dreams. Dreams aren’t enough, he thought again, glancing away from the frightened souls. He traces his jaw with his fingernail, as he thought of a way to get away for a while. He needed to see Kathy, and to finish what they started in her dreams. He smirked as he thought of it.

“D-Does he have a hard on?” One soul whispered to another. Satan caught himself, and straighten up in his thrown, and said, “That’s enough for today. You know what to do, Fang.”. Fang bows, “Yes. Master. Let’s go!”. A few more demons appeared and the five souls were taken away to their torment. Fang turns, to him and asks, “Master, do you need service?”. Satan stands, and says, “No, Fang. I do not need service.”. Fang bows as Satan walks by, “Yes, Master.”. Satan stops, and asks, “Where is Vincent?”.

Fang, slightly grins, “Master, Vincent is too young, but there are many female demons that-”. Satan, turns, red flames emitting in his eyes, “Do not take me for my brother, Fang.” His voice was low and terrifying. Fang jumps and starts to shake, “M-M-Master, f-forgive me.”

Satan sighed as he sat in his chambers. Fire glowing around him. His big bed, covered with blood red silk sheets. He looked at it, and saw Kathy laying in it, and smiling. He shook his head and she vanished. His heart beat steadily in his chest. Devil‘s weren’t suppose to have one. Devil‘s weren’t supposed to love. “What is Love anyway?” He asked himself.

Library, Human world

Kathy sighed, as she shut down the library computer. She couldn’t find anyone in the search. She thought she could find the man that saved her in the people search that said they could find anybody. “What a bunch of crock.” She mumbled, grabbing the book beside the computer, someone left. Suddenly hands gently gripped her shoulders. She stilled, as a nose rubbed her neck.
“You like to read, Kathy?” A familiar deep voice asked softly. She gasped as the man kissed her neck. She turned, the book ready to bash the head of the creep, but she stopped with it raised, wide eyed at the person. It was him!
He lifted a black brow, at her raised arm with the book, “You wouldn’t hit me would you?”.
She felt her face and neck heat up. She lowered her arm, and whispered, “Are you for real?”.
He stare at her red face, as she stared at him. There was something he couldn’t understand in her eyes. What was it? He thought.
Kathy, looked away, and said softly, “I couldn’t find you after the bank incident. You weren’t even on the Social Security search.”
He grinned sly, “You was looking for me?” He asked, hope flared in his chest, as his heart kicked up a beat. She looked for him! This means, that she must love me too, he thought. He didn’t notice his cheeks blushed, as he grinned at her.
She glanced at him, and saw his redden face. He reminded her of a boy blushing when he got candy. “Who are you? Why couldn’t I find you?” She asked.
His face went back to normal, and he look away, “It’s a long story..” He smirked, at her, “How about we go and talk in private? With a bed near, shall we?”
He’s a pervert! She thought, her face heated with anger. “Now hold on a minute!” She said loudly, “What makes you think I would jump into bed with you!” She yelled, getting everyone’s attention. Satan jumped at her toned, and surprised by that, he didn’t jump for no one. “You think you can come in here, and seduce me into bed?” She continued.
“Wait a-”
“I don’t think so bud. “ She poked her finger in his chest, “I’m no easy woman, that you are probably use to. I have morals, and my mom raised me right. I want love, a commitment, and a ring on my finger before I even get into bed with you. I’m no slut. I thank you for saving me but that’s it. I will not sleep with you. Good night!” She turned, but was stopped by his hand on her elbow, “Let me go!”
“My name is-” He glanced at her book, “Smith.” then he quickly glanced at a poster, “Gavin. Gavin Smith.”.
“Gavin Smith?” She blinked.

“Y-yes.” he said, “ I didn’t mean, to upset you. I know you are not a slut. I just, think we need to be together.” He swallowed down his heart that was lunge in his throat.
“Be together?” She asked. “We barely know each other.”
“I know you, and you will know me. I want to be your love. I’ll give you commitment, and a ring. Anything, just don’t reject me.” He was begging, he knew it, Satan don’t beg, but he was going to lose her if he didn’t.
She gaped at the man in front of her. He was gorgeous, and could have any woman he wanted. Why was he.. A ring from a cell phone rang. Kathy pulled it out and answered, “hello?” Her eyes widen as a doctor informed her mother was in the hospital. “I got to go.” She said, as she walked by him.
“Wa-wait!” He walked after her and stopped her by the door. Tears were in her eyes.
“Look, now, is not the time. My Mom has been hospitalized, and I have to go.” She said.
“I’ll take you.” He said, given he didn’t have a car though.
“No. No need. I need to go alone. “ She said opening the door.
“I’ll find you again!” He yelled out the door as she left. He hit the door, putting his head on the door, “I can find you wherever you go, Kathy.”.

His hand came down on the librarian desk, she startled, as she looked up at him.
“I need all the books on Love, Commitment, and Rings!” He growled.
She gaped at him, with a blushed face, “E-Excuse me?”.
“Books on Love, Commitment, and Rings!” He said again, glaring down at her.
“Love? You mean Marriage?” She asked.
“Yes, and how to woo the woman I want.” He said.
“Woo?” She asked, blinking. This man should have no problem in that field, she thought.
“I need books, lady. I’m very impatience!” He growled, showing teeth.

To be Continued!

Satan’s in Love (C) Ruth Minamino



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