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Satan’s in Love Prologue-Chapter 1 – Online Read

Satan’s in Love: White or Black Wings Special

Ruth Minamino


In the underworld, aka Hell

“Master!?” A young male demon, about 12 years old, in human years, bowed as Satan walked to his thrown. “Vincent.” Satan said, sitting down, “What is it that you need?”. The young Vincent blushed with pride as he look at his Idol, “Master, I need nothing, but to be at your service. Is there anything you like me to do?”.

Satan gave a slight grin looking at the young demon. He was so young, and too nice to be a demon, Satan thought. “How is the mortal realm? Any evil things going on?”. Vincent beamed, “Yes, Master! A lot. Would you like to watch?”. Satan nods, as the young demon, held up a black mirror. Satan waved his hand over it, and the mirror tuned in to robbers, robbing a bank.

Satan chuckles as he watches the two buffoons, in masks. “Really, such amateurs. You can tell they missed one of the Ten Commandments. Thou shall not steal. “Satan chuckles, as the robbers, yell and waved their mighty guns in the air to the other mortals. Satan chuckles, then stops as one of the robbers grabbed a young brunette woman and held a gun to her head. Satan sits up, watching the woman cry, as the robber held her tight.

Vincent blinks as he saw Satan’s eyes turn blue from their usual red. “Master? Is something wrong?” Vincent asked. Satan stood, and said, “That’s enough, Vincent.”. “Master.” Vincent bowed as Satan walked down the thrown. “I shall go out this evening, Vincent.”.

“Yes. Master. Shall I go with you?” Vincent asked. Satan, chuckles, as his black wings, and robes disappear and mortal clothes appear. His long black hair shortens, “Not, necessary Vincent. I need you down here, while I am gone.”. “Yes, Master.” Vincent said keeping his head down, as Satan disappears. Vincent looked up at where his Master was.

Chapter One

Mortal Realm: 3:00PM

Kathy just about had enough of crying and being manhandled by the robber. So, she bit his arm. “You bitch!” The masked robber cried, stepping back, and tending to his wounded arm. The other masked robber, looked over, and growled, “You Jackass! Get her!”.

Kathy was just about out of the back, before the robber grabbed her by the back of the shirt and slammed her against the wall. Air whooshed out of her lungs. “Bitch!” the robber growled, and had his gun hand up in the air about to strike her.

Kathy clenched her eyes and teeth waiting for the strike that would probably end her life. The robber screamed, as she heard bones break. Bones? She thought, and opened one eye. A man had the robbers’ arm that had the gun in his grip. It looked to be broken, and blood was oozing out of the sleeve. The masked robber was crying out in pain.

The man dropped his arm, which went limped, and the gun was dropped to the floor. The masked robber went to the floor, was crying, and moaning in agony over his arm. The man picked up the gun and smirked at it, “Pathetic really, these foolish mortals, with your bad guns.”.

Kathy swallowed, getting his attention. The man’s blue eyes locked with hers. He smiled at her, a sensual smile that made her knees weak. The man was beautiful. His black hair was to the collar of his shirt, and had slightly long bangs pass his eyes. He was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. She never saw a man that look like this before, she thought as she stared at him. He stared back at her with a hint of a smile on his lips.

The other masked robber, tied the loot bag and made his way over to the unknown man, and pointed a gun to his back, “Don’t move! Drop it!”. The handsome man, slightly chuckle, and smirked, dropping the gun, then he raised his hands up. “Don’t laugh, bastard! Harold, you ok?” the mask robber asked the one on the floor.

The wounded masked man, cried out, “He broke my arm! He broke my fucking arm! The motherfucker!”. The man, glared down at him, and the mask robber hit the floor. “Harold?!” the other robber yelled at him, but the other robber was not responding. “Shit!” the robber was starting to panic as sirens was heard. He presses the gun to the guy’s temple, and yelled, “What the fuck did you do to him?”.

The Man chuckles, still had his hands up, and said, “I did not do anything to him.”. The man was staring at Kathy, with a hint of a smirk on his handsome lips. Kathy swore she saw his eyes emit red flames, but his eyes were blue as before, as he look at her.

The masked robber glanced at her, and her heart jumped into fear again, as she saw the mask robber smile under his mask at her. “Well, I will need a hostage. You, come here!” He pointed the gun to Kathy. She nodded no. “Now!” The mask robber yelled spitting in under his mask. He cocked the gun, and Kathy has no choice but to do as he said.

She stepped over the robber in the floor, then past the handsome man, and was grabbed by the robber. “No!” She yelled as his arm tightens around her. “Be still, or I will kill you!” the robber hissed. Kathy inhaled, and then glanced at the handsome guy. He was watching, with his hands up, but he was not smiling like before. The robber turned toward the man, and put the gun to her head, and said, “Any wrong move and she’s dead. Got it, Asshole?”.

The man nodded, as they backed up. Just as the robber turned to leave, he was tore from her and was slammed back through a wall. Kathy was thrown to the floor. She turned and saw the handsome guy had the other robber up in the air by his throat. The robber choked out a curse, then the man turned his back to her. The robber’s eyes went wide, then he screamed, and went limp. His eyes went to the back of his head. The man chuckles, and said, “Pathetic.”. He let go of him and the robber dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes.

Kathy stood on her feet, and looked between the robbers and the man. The man turned and smiled at her. Then the cops come in and she turned to see them but when she looked back the man was gone. She stepped forward, but was stopped by a cop, and was taken out of the bank.

“So, you’re saying a man was the one who saved you?” A cop asked at the station. Kathy was taken there for questioning. The robbers were alive, in the hospital, and was saying outrageous things about the unknown man who saved her. “Yes. I never got a change to thank him.” She said softly. She took a sip of coffee, and closed her eyes, the man’s handsome face burned in her memory. Will she ever see him again?



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