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Satan’s In Love: WoBW Special Character info

Lucifer, Beelzebub, The Devil
Info: He’s one of the son’s of the previous Satan, who was the original Lucifer who was kicked out of Heaven. His nature is different from his brother or father. He was hand picked by Lucifer to be King of Hell two hundred years ago.
Looks: He’s very handsome in either form.
In hell: Long black hair pass the middle of his back, and blue eyes that turn red when pissed or scaring souls. He has two black long like horns on his head, if he chooses to have them, which he doesn’t, unless he’s dealing with doomed souls. He has Black Angel wings, and long black nails that can extend to any length as he desires. His skin is slightly tan red like. He wears the Satan garments, a long red cape, and black leather pants. He’s almost 7ft tall.
On earth: Short black hair, with bangs slightly long. Blue eyes. His skin turns to normal lightly tanned. He usually wears, blue jeans and a white buttoned up shirt., that‘s opened half way showing his chest, and boots. He hides his wings and horns. Can still turn his eyes red if he wants to, to scare anyone he pleases. 6ft 5in. He’s about 27 years old in human years

Kathy Turner
Info: She’s the only child of her mother, who wants her to marry before she dies. Her father died several years ago. She’s independent, but loves her mother very much. She won’t take crap from anyone, and is a good girl the way her mother raised her. Her beliefs in marriage is high, and won’t settle until she finds the one guy who saved her.
Looks: Long median brown hair pass her shoulders, and Blue Green eyes. She wears mostly formal clothes, pant suits, but sometimes wears casual clothing on weekends, when she’s not working. 5ft 5in. She’s 25 years old

Vincent Kaine
Info: He’s a young Demon, who admires Satan. And is a little confuse when it comes to his master.
Looks: He looks about a preteen. Blue eyes, and black haired. Pointy ears, and little horns on his head. He has black angel wings on his back, and wears black robe like clothing.
Satan’s thoughts on him is, he’s too nice to be a demon. Vincent’s origins is unknown.

Brother of Satan
Info: More info on him to come soon!


Satan’s adviser
Info: He is over the condemned souls.

More info to come soon!



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