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White or Black Wings: The Complete Story

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This is my first Original story. It is complete, with only 7 chapters, and has many mistakes, such as grammar, spelling, and others. I’m not a professional, and i do not get money for this. I do this as a hobby, like drawing, and also for fun, and sharing with others who are interested in reading my stories. One thing this is from first POV.

Genre: Romance/Supernatural


Karin Smith, survived a car crash, a year ago. While she lived, her parents didn’t. It was a mystery. How did she escape? She doesn’t remember how she got out, when she awoke, the car that her parents were in was a blazed! Now, a year later, she’s living alone, in a apartment, and going to school. A new student appears one day, Vincent Kaine. Jacob Gillis, her friend, and admirer doesn’t seem to like this new guy, and vice visa.. Karin seems to feel a connection with the new, handsome guy. What is this connection? What could it be? And why is Vincent staring so intensely at her when he first appears in school? And what will Jacob do? Jill Francis, a rival, wants both Jacob and Vincent for herself! Will Jill be victorious? Or will Karin win, and get the guy of her dreams. And what other surprises will be known, that Vincent seems to know of. And why is Jacob acting strange?


Update Version: Better Spelling and grammar!





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White or Black Wings (c) Ruth Minamino



1. sangolovesmiroku2 - March 31, 2008

I love this story!

I re-read all of it.


2. White_Love - June 29, 2008

The ending was nice xD love the story me want more!! ^^ nice tpying didn’t see any spelling errors keep up the work and you will thrive xD

3. Hikari1619 - June 29, 2008

nice ending XD!!! that was a really good story. you had a few grammar mistakes but ur spelling is peferfect. i cant wait to read more of ur stories!!!! ^_^

4. renaye - August 8, 2008

wait. what is the password?

5. Ruth Minamino - August 8, 2008

@Renaye: I have emailed you the password, hope you got it. 🙂

6. Ronalee - November 11, 2008

People should read this.

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